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9 Ways To Prevent False Fire Alarms

9 Ways To Prevent False Fire Alarms

There is nothing worse than trying to deal with a false fire alarm. Not only would you be hassling yourself with trying to turn off the fire alarm, but you would be accidentally wasting the fire department’s time too. Thankfully, there are solutions that you can try to help you prevent false fire alarms. Here are 9 methods you can try to avoid false fire alarms.

Get a Better Fire Alarm

The problem might not be what is around your fire alarm, but your fire alarm itself. The easiest way to solve this problem is by getting a new one from good fire alarm companies in Maryland. There are reputable fire alarm companies in Maryland that offer good quality fire alarms that almost never create false fire alarms.

Call Up First

Before you try to do any testing of your own, make sure you call up your fire alarm company and fire department first. Once they answer, ask them to put the alarm on out of service or on test. That will keep them from being alerted while you are fixing it.


You might need to have your fire alarm checked out by a professional technician since fire alarms do require maintenance. If the technician was not able to fix it, then you might need to get a new fire alarm altogether.


You should know where to put fire alarms. Places like showers, kitchens, etc., could create a lot of false alarms because of the steam. A heat detector could help lessen false fire alarms.


If you are a smoker and smoke in your home where your fire alarm is, you might be the cause of your own problem. Try to smoke outside or away from your fire alarm to avoid creating false fire alarms.

Cleaning Up

Dust can appear to be smoke to a smoke detector, especially if you are not careful. If you are planning to do some renovation in your house, like sanding down wood, spray painting, etc., you need to cover your smoke detector. This is a very common reason why a false fire alarm gets set off. Be sure to test it after you take the cover off.

Know How To Shut It Off

Besides knowing how to prevent false fire alarms, you should know how to turn it off too. However, you should only shut it off right away and call up the fire department if you know what caused the false fire alarm.

Be Careful

Accidental damage to the fire alarm could actually set it off. If water splashes on it, something hits it, etc., you could create a false fire alarm.

Close the Windows

If you are setting up a barbeque or bonfire outside of your home, try to keep your windows and doors closed. This will keep smoke from entering your home and alerting your fire alarm.

You do not have to deal with false fire alarms if you know how to deal with them. Follow these tips to avoid false fire alarms.

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