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Are there storage units available to rent for a week?

Are there storage units available to rent for a week?

If you need to store items for a few days, you’ll be looking for a short-term storage solution. Fortunately, there are plenty of storage facilities who can offer the type of storage you need. Whilst most reputable storage companies do impose a minimum term of one month’s rental, this doesn’t mean you have to store your items for the full thirty days.

Instead, you can simply opt to rent a storage unit for the minimum contractual period of one month and only store your goods for as long as you need to. Although this may mean you’re paying for a storage unit whilst you’re not using it, the minimal cost of rental means you won’t feel out of pocket.

Choosing the right storage units

When selecting a storage unit, there are some critical factors you’ll want to take into account. For example, you’ll need to ensure you choose the right size unit and that you have enough room to store all of your items. Similarly, you don’t want to opt for storage units that are too large for your needs as this could increase the price unnecessarily.

One of the most important factors when choosing the right storage units is the level of security they offer. As well as each individual unit being properly secured, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a storage site that has a wide range of security measures in place.

Whether you’re storing goods for a few days or a few months, it’s vital they’re kept secure. Self storage in Horsham offers numerous security features, such as movement sensors, digital CCTV, on-site staff, perimeter fencing and intruder alarms. With this level of security, you can be confident that your items will remain untouched whilst their in storage.

Typically, it’s these type of storage firms that also impose a minimum one-month rental period. Whilst you may be able to find storage companies that allow you to rent a unit for a week or less, these may not offer the same level of security.

Furthermore, few businesses can compete with the low rates offered by well-known storage providers. Known for their security and top-quality facilities, paying for one month’s rental and storing items for a week can be a savvy financial decision. With access to low rates and superior storage units, you can ensure that your items are kept safe for as long as they’re kept in storage.

How flexible is short term storage?

Short term storage solutions are designed to give you the freedom to access your unit as and when you need to. The vast majority of storage facilities will enable you to access your unit and your items every day of the week. You can even choose to visit your storage units multiple times per day if you need to!

This flexibility makes short term storage the easy solution when you’re looking for extra space or a secure storage facility. Whether you want to store personal items, business goods or a combination of the two, short term storage can provide a budget-friendly way to access the secure space you need.

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