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Carpets in Dubai

Carpets in Dubai

A textile which is used to cover the floor generally known as carpet or rug. This textile normally contains an upper layer which is attached to a backing. In start of carpet production wool was used as raw material, which got by natural resources. But by the increasing of carpet demand, using only wool in carpet production was not enough to meet demand limit. So carpet manufacturer adopt the artificial way in shape of nylon, polypropylene and polyester. As comparatively these fibers are cheaper in cost and less expensive than wool. In process of carpet construction normal heat is used to maintain pile structure. Most of us have misconception about the terms carpet and rug, we take these two different terms in same meanings. While carpet and rug are different by their structures. Normally rug covers smaller floor area of the place rather than carpet. On the other hand, carpet have wider depth and can be applied to the whole floor which also named as wall to wall carpet.

Carpets in Dubai

Buying carpets in Dubai is not a big deal. You just need to have a little bit knowledge about it. No doubt there are many places/shops or dealers in Dubai but you should have to choose right one which have all the abilities to meet your needs and requirements exactly.

Use of Carpets:

There are many objectives to use carpets in different ways. The first and main purpose of carpet is to cover the concrete floor to avoid feet from coldness. Further carpet makes a room floor more relax able to sit and rest. Carpets Dubai also adds the beauty and color to the whole room. Installing carpet is the best option to reduce noise of foot walk at commercial places. Additionally carpet have the ability to bear the foot traffic for a long time. You can match flooring color with other interiors decoration items to enhance the beauty of inside place. Carpet is now being used in homes, hotels, stores, offices and commercial places which have been increased its demand and popularity.

Manufacturing of Carpet:

On smaller level carpets are produced on looms which works almost same as the traditional textile manufacturing machines. While on broader level automatic looms are used to produce carpet in bulk. Carpet can be made of cloth similar to woven textile too which use needle felts and injected into the pile of auxiliary materials. The sizes of carpet also vary geographically from US to European countries. US made carpets have 12 and 15 feet width while 4 and 5 meters in Europe. Some of countries still using traditional method in the carpet production which are resulted as costly. Since the nineteenth and twentieth century where essential for wall-to-wall carpets Dubai. Various widths of carpet can be seamed together with a seaming iron and crease tape and fixed to a story over a padded underlay utilizing nails, tack strips glues, or periodically beautifying metal stair poles. Wall-to-wall carpet is recognized from rugs or mats, which are free laid floor covers as one end to the other carpet is fixed to the floor and covers a lot bigger zone.

Carpet Price:

Before 2000s carpet was only used in the commercial areas and big industries because of its high prices. Due to using wool as raw material only, carpet construction was really costly at that time. Only wealthy families had purchasing power to use it. But with the passage of time after 2010, other artificial fibers such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester used as raw material which resulted as the decrease of carpet price respectively. By use of manmade fibers carpet also meet the demand line effectively. Because these materials are less expensive as compared to wool. Now it is available with the variety of colors, prices and types in the market. It is universal fact as much quality is higher, prices will be higher respectively. So prices of carpet depends upon the quality of material. Due to available various ranges of carpets Dubai prices one can easily choose required carpet that fits in its budget.

Materials Used in Carpet Manufacturing:

There are various types of synthetic and natural yarns or fibers which are used in carpet construction process. But now synthetic yarns and fibers made carpets Dubai are more popular than natural fibers like wool, in the carpet industry and they share around 90% of the market. Because these synthetic fibers provide the carpet long life, ease of manufacturing, variety of designs and cost. Some of these synthetic fibers are as follows:


It is one of plastic polymer material fiber which is used at a higher level in carpet Dubai manufacturing. It will not be wrong, if we say that it is one of most common material by which carpet produced. Nylon can be colored easily, topically or colored in a liquid state. It has extraordinary wear features, so it has been using widely in commercial and domestic carpeting. Nylon also is one of stain resistant material. Due to its relevancy to the petroleum, ups and downs of prices are directly proportional to the prices of oil.


Polypropylene is one of cheaper material to produce carpet yarns. Moreover it is solid than the polyethylene and provide less expensive carpet. But to dye polypropylene is difficult task than nylon or wool. Polypropylene is also suggested for the construction of berber carpets Dubai. Generally Berber carpets with littler circles are stronger than wide circled barber style carpets, because these small loops have the ability to hold carpet structure and appearance for a long time. Additionally carpets made by polypropylene are also preferable for heavy foot traffic and outdoor places. Artificial grass is one of good type of polypropylene carpet.


One of natural fiber which is obtained from fur hairs of the animals like sheep and rabbit etc. Wool can be dyed easily. With the mixture of other artificial fibers the durability of wool can be increased. Hence blended wool fibers are used at wider level in the construction of carpets which are also expensive and captures small market in ratio.


Polyester is one of other good raw material which is widely used in manufacturing of carpets. It has good substantial characteristics which are also stain resistant. Polyester has the disservice that it will in general squash or tangle down easily. Normally it is used in low budget carpeting projects.


Polymer made synthetic fiber which was firstly introduced in 1941 in the production of carpets. In start acrylic carpets did not have long lasting ability. These type of carpets got spoiled by dragging or friction. Acrylic is comparatively not easy to dye but it is washable and almost provide the similar feel of wool.

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