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Different Types of Chemical Free Products for Laundry and Home Cleaning

Different Types of Chemical Free Products for Laundry and Home Cleaning

Every homemaker needs to take care of the home cleaning and laundry works, which should be done hygienically. There are many cleaning products available in the market, which are made of different chemicals. But these chemicals may be harmful to the skin when used with bare hands and may also cause damage to the surfaces where applied. Therefore, some chemical free cleaning products are now offered by reputed brands, which are found to be a lot safer than the common cleaning chemicals.

Few popular chemical free cleaning agents

Lavender and Mint Dish Liquid – This is a purely herbal product that contains no harmful chemicals. It is made from some ingredients that are derived from coconut, corn, wheat, edible citric acid, and sodium citrate, along with pure lavender and mint oils.  Thus, it emits a refreshing smell that is safe and pleasant for hands and dishes. It creates a creamy lather when rubbed with water on dish surfaces, leaving no chemical residue after washing. As it does not contain any heavy metal or other chemicals, it is the best option for people whose skin may be sensitive to chemicals. This cleaner can be used with all types of water and it is perfectly safe for drainage pipes and sewage tanks.

Natural laundry powder – This laundry powder is mainly meant for pregnant women, children, aged people, and those who have very sensitive skin. Unlike other washing powders, it does not contain any petrochemical, phosphate or other chemical salts. It contains the mild fragrances of lavender and mint oils, which do not cause any irritation on the tender skin of hands and leave natural freshness to the fibers of washed clothes. It is made of soda ash, baking soda, edible sodium citrate, and extracts from coconut oil, corn, wheat, and essential oils. Only 1 tablespoon of this alkaline powder is enough to clean mild loads of garments soaked in 5 liters of water, which makes it cost-effective as well.

Sensitive laundry liquid – A powerful cleaning agent is desired for perfect laundry work at every home, which should be also gentle on the hands of users. Thus, now a sensitive laundry liquid is introduced in the market, which is hypoallergenic and more effective than many common detergents. When clothes are washed with this liquid, there is no adverse effect found even on the tender skin of babies, as only natural and edible ingredients are used for making this product. No harsh chemical and the artificial fragrance are applied while manufacturing this cleaning product. It is perfectly suitable for use in both front-loaded and top-loaded washing machines. It can be poured into both warm and cold water, for soaking clothes before washing with hands. This liquid also acts as a whitener, rendering a cleaner and brighter look to garments after washing with it.

All these above-mentioned products are available from the reputed Australian brand Abode cleaning products. It is known to manufacture different kinds of chemical free cleaning products that are absolutely safe for human use. Hence, this company has gained huge popularity among the health-conscious Australian population, with its non-toxic cleaning materials.

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