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Highlight your kitchen design: 7 Feng Shui Suggestions

Highlight your kitchen design: 7 Feng Shui Suggestions

Cooking is, undoubtedly, an art. And the kitchen, being the place where the art of cooking is performed, should be peaceful and clean. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui focuses on the harmony of humans with the environment. It focuses on balancing the natural elements brings better wealth, health and happiness to one’s life. And in this blog, we will see how Feng Shui can be used to make your kitchen a better-harmonized place to perform the art of cooking in the way it should be performed.

Some of Feng Shui’s tips for kitchen design are as follows:

  1. Do not align the stove with the kitchen door

Kitchen design: If you are cooking on the stove, people coming in and out the door will be a harmful distraction.

Feng Shui: The stove when aligned with the kitchen door brings loss of money and leads to bad temper.

Solution: You are less likely to be distracted by people opening the door if the door itself is behind you and not in front of you.

Placing a mirror behind your stove reflects the negative energies away.

  1. Fill the space between the wall cabinets and the ceiling

Kitchen design: Dust will gather on the top of such cabinets which are very difficult to reach and be cleaned. Opting for RTA Cabinet Kitchen, which come in various shapes and sizes, let you utilize this space in the right way.

Feng Shui:  The space traps negative energy which is not good for the overall positivity of the kitchen space and the house entirely.

Solution:  Bridging the gap between the wall cabinet and the ceiling with the help of molding can be handy.

Putting plants keeps away the negative energy.

Moreover, discount kitchen cabinets help you save more while giving you exactly how you want to use your kitchen space.

Highlight your kitchen design: 7 Feng Shui Suggestions

  1. The stove should not be placed next to the sink

Feng Shui: Sink is a symbol of water and stove, of fire. Bringing together fire and water may lead to misfortune in your home e.g. loss of money, health issues.

Kitchen design:  Placing sink and stove side-by-side may cause inconvenience.

Solution: Putting a plant between the elements of fire and water tends to neutralize their conflict.

Putting these two appliances next to each other is an inconvenience while cooking, especially if there are two persons using these at the same time.

  1. Avoiding the color red

Feng Shui:  The color red and its shades symbolize fire. Too much of its presence leads to high temperament and heated arguments.

Kitchen design:  Deep colors make the kitchen look more congested and claustrophobic.

Solution: Feng Shui suggests using brighter shades for the kitchen like yellows, greens, whites, and browns. Such shades bring peace.

Opting for a lighter tone in your kitchen makes it appear more spacious and open.

  1. Storing Garbage Away

Feng shui:  The garbage carries waste material which naturally gives away negative energy.

Kitchen design: Frankly speaking, you would want to put away your kitchen waste rather than storing it for late disposal.

Solution: Putting the waste bins outside the house keeps away negative energy.

Having a lid on your bins bars the waste from coming into vision.

  1. Avoiding Direct Paths Between Bathroom And Kitchen

Feng shui: Having a direct path that connects the kitchen and bathroom makes for a clash between fire and water elements respectively. This leads to negative effects on the feng shui of the house.

Kitchen design: Anybody would dislike the intermingling of the bathroom and kitchen smells.

Solution: To drop a curtain over the kitchen door blocks the formation negative energy.

Avoid this home design as it is not possible to re-fix and even if opted for, requires a lot of time, labor and a huge budget.

While a few aspects of Feng Shui seem rooted in just beliefs, some of their kitchen design recommendations make logical sense and can be used to showcase your kitchen décor in a better way.

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